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they have a robot that mows the lawn for them and they literally just got out their lawnmower and are now going over it AGAIN for some insane reason, wtf?

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the dilemma of a home owner:

"why is my grass so dead?"

also the homeowner:
mows it every. goddamn. day.

oh i wonder why your grass is so dead when you cut it every day so it loses all its stored water. dumbass.

car down payment sent, Friday is the day.

just watched Nobody (2021), one word: Kick-ass, unless you like a deep storyline.

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i love how this ecology website is pushing me to reduce carbon when i do like 7 tons in one year

meanwhile this morning elon musk added 48 tons of co2 to the atmosphere and burned 150% my yearly salary in fuel

just got the call that my car will be ready on friday 👀

genuinely excited to have adaptive cruise control on my new car

./bin/tootctl media remove

Removed 24355 media attachments (approx. 14.5 GB)


real pain is having to set up a Linux VM to run legacy software that no longer runs on windows so you can fix a server at work.

fuck you, hewlett packard.

i have, on more than one occasion, gotten kids to ask teachers if i'm right or not, hilarious every time.

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i just got reminded when i was in primary school and i got a kick out of gaslighting other kids by telling them absolutely nonsensical things and claiming that it's always been like that.

this car is getting sold without the TÜV, i dont want to dedicated any more money, work or stress into getting a stupid fucking TÜV for it.

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car just failed 2nd round of inspection, failed on a single fogged headlight, im fucking done

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got a new inspection for my old car today, lets hope i can get it to pass...

so pissed that my car didnt pass inspection, so much money put into a car i dont want to keep, fucks sake.

old car failed inspection... this complicates matters.

car still hasnt been delivered, inspection for the old girl will be done today..

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