In Beam.NG, on some downhill corners, I can effectively steer with the brakes while keeping the steering perfectly straight.

By using the brakes, the weight of the car shifts forward, reducing traction of the rear tires and as such increasing oversteer (if there is any to begin with)

@[email protected] Oh, I know that well enough from driving mid-engined RWD cars in rally sims :flan_laugh:

@alu i've had a run in or two with lift-off oversteer as well so far, lol.

@[email protected] Nice save! What car is that? I don't know that interior...

@alu 2001 Suzuki Ignis Sport, my previous car and first love, great handling car, has a ton of rear rotation compared to other FFs, love it love it

@[email protected] Very nice. I only had a 2006 Volvo S60, and it was very prone to understeer :/

@alu volvo's arent really known for their trackability though, are they 😆

mine's lovely on track, with proper tyres its stupid fast for it's size

@[email protected] I did like the Volvo. It had a good engine and besides under steering a bit, it had very stable handling :)

Nowadays I only have a Honda Fireblade, which is far from sensible


@alu cool as hell, love the yellow, i recently sold my ignis for a new swift sport, i'm still a suzuki lover

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@[email protected] I like Suzukis, too. Once really wanted a Swift Sport back in the day, too, before I had a license.

Their motorbikes are also good, I love the GSX-R750.

@alu these cars are totally worth it, the new swifts have pretty much all of the modern tech included on the base spec so you dont even pay extra compared to like, vw.

a friend of mine actually had a gsxr750 from like, 20 years ago, rebuilt it in his spare time, amazing machine, lovely sound as well.

@[email protected] Yeah, the new Swift Sport sounds pretty great. Only thing that kinda irks me out is that mild-hybrid system, which seems kinda unnecessary.

My dad is a
huge Jimny fan. I can see why, it stands out as being one of the very few small offroad-y cars there are on the market now

@alu mine's the mild hybrid and honestly i prefer it over the non-hybrid one, engine got a lot more torque down low with the hybrid and it makes onramps and overtakes way better, the start/stop system is also way smoother now since its a starter and electric motor in one.

you really just have to get used to the fact that rolling in gear will slow you down a lot more since its recovering energy.

And yeah the Jimny's are awesome cars, but it's not my type of car personally, it'd just be an asphalt queen and thats not what i'd buy an offroader for..

@[email protected] In a way, having a mild hybrid is really cool for that. You get a huge starter, more torque and the ability to recuperate, which is nice. Does come with more complexity and weight, but it might be worth it. :nkoraisingpaws:

@alu its still a 1-tonne car, i think it weighs 1015kg or so now? it's still way below most other sporty hatchbacks and still handles like its on rails, imo its a way more comfortable ride, but people tend to be conflicted over it, i'm mostly just interested about how reliable it is, guess i'll find out soon enough.

@[email protected] Well, I hope for the best. I'm glad that you enjoy it! :nkouwu:

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