is using cloudflare for my masto instance ethical yet?

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@blumlaut nah, wont be ever again. their newest statement still reads like they dont even want to bother to be ethical in any dimension, feels like they hard a hard time to ditch 8chan and daily stormer aswell. really makes you think what stance on freedom of speech they have. i guess the trump one.

@blumlaut it still spies on and blocks me from random sites :cirno_cry:

@blumlaut Clownflare will never be ethical, as it's a huge MiTM that loves trying to get people to run nonfree JavaScript when it decides that it can't tell who specifically a visitor is.
@Suiseiseki @blumlaut I asked someone else but what alternative solutions to cloudflare do u think are available for decentralization¿ by the sounds of it they really don't do anything of value so why use then at all¿ its just bad PR at this time tbh
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