might aswell do my
I'm Blumlaut, I'm a Tech/Car/Scripting/Music/Gaming enthusiast and part-time furry, if you follow me, expect posts about that kinda thing.

You might know me from FiveM or Assetto Corsa, i'm somewhat active around there.

Not very political usually, don't be an extremist and we'll get around fineee.

exit stage left

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@blumlaut Yessss <3

I still gotta' get art of my fursona with my Buggy lol. I did comm this art that shows what it MIGHT look like when it's finished. (Not fully committed to *everything* but we'll see. :P)

@blubfeesh coolio! love the little ducktail, it 100% needs that

@blumlaut Thanks! Yeah, the spoiler is one of the parts I already have, just haven't installed yet because it needs repainting and a bit of repair. The downside of working on a 20+ year old car. ;u;

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