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might aswell do my
I'm Blumlaut, I'm a Tech/Car/Scripting/Music/Gaming enthusiast and part-time furry, if you follow me, expect posts about that kinda thing.

You might know me from FiveM or Assetto Corsa, i'm somewhat active around there.

Not very political usually, don't be an extremist and we'll get around fineee.

exit stage left

i just drank around 1.5 as much as i usually do

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we are going to where no blu has gone beofre

re: drunkpost 

you are now entering the "bloo wont shut thefuck up when hes meant to" zone

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last bottle almost emptsy woo

have i mentioned my undying love to dnb yet?

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motor skills impaired due to alcohol, juggling a glass bottle failed, it did not break

today is my lucky day.
opens a third bottle

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this was long overdue, fuck having long hair, shit to maintain

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lastboost, that's actually really cool.

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