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might aswell do my
I'm Blumlaut, I'm a Tech/Car/Scripting/Music/Gaming enthusiast and part-time furry, if you follow me, expect posts about that kinda thing.

You might know me from FiveM or Assetto Corsa, i'm somewhat active around there.

Not very political usually, don't be an extremist and we'll get around fineee.

exit stage left

fell in love with the timer function of my aircon, coming home to a cold living room is nice

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ask me anything but i will give an entirely offtopic reply

if you know where im from just from this then congrats, you're german, douche.

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yes i know theres a song about a popular dish shut the fuck up i heard it

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the fact that people immediately lose all self control when i mention where i'm from is both hilarious and annoying

from this point onwards i will collect a federation tax for my posts here, for each instance this posts appears in i will request 1€ in payment either via paypal, bank transfer or a 1 (one) euro coin sent via priority mail to my PO Box

about to start reading some of yous posts into my mic and send it as a reply just to show how deranged some of you are

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just had a horrible nightmare that I owned a skoda.

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i just realised that my instance took away my owner permissions, rude.

everyone is doing the same thing on my timeline at once please stop

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